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Judo Federation Australia (JFA - NSW) Membership

After your free sessions, if you intend to continue training, new members must obtain a membership licence from the Judo Federation Australia ( JFA of NSW ) 

JFA (NSW) New Members – Licence Membership

Membership to Avalon Judo Club and the JFA (NSW) is required after the free sessions, this can be achieved as follows:

  • Provide proof of date of birth (DOB) to the club via a photocopy of any one of the following documents to the club before completing the on-line for JFA (NSW) registration.
Birth Certificate, Birth Extract, Driver’s License, Passport; or Proof of age card,
  • Pay the relevant club fees (Annual Club Membership and Training fee )
  • Go to the “Registration” tab available at the JFA(NSW) Website at the following link: and select “New Registration”, Select “ Avalon ” as the club, “New Individual member – Junior ” or “New Individual Member - Senior” as applicable
  • Read and tick the “Member Acknowledgement” section and insert “Guardian Approval name” in the case of Junior membership
  • Complete the remaining details and make the required payment per the JFA membership schedule below. Membership is 12 months from first date of registration.

Members Renewing Club and JFA (NSW) Inc. Membership

  • Renewal of JFA (NSW) membership is achieved using the “Renew Registration” tab at Contact Simon Dodge if you have misplaced your login details.

Judo Federation of Australia (NSW) Membership fees as of January 2014 - 

Juniors ( under 16yrs ) New / Renewal - $80

Seniors - New / Renewal - $120

Club Fee's

  • Please ensure that you separately pay the annual Avalon Club Membership Fee and the 4 weekly training fees direct to the club.
  • A copy of the Avalon fee structure is available on the club notice board or as handouts at the club.