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My name is Simon Dodge and I emigrated here from the beautiful Lincolnshire Countryside of the United Kingdom at the end of September 2013, bringing my family on a new life adventure down-under. We are a Judo family, all three of my children ( 1x Girl & 2x Boys ) love the sport and enjoy competing.

I have over 35 years of knowledge and continuous competition experience, I started Judo at the tender age of 5 and stayed loyal to my original club. I achieved my 1st Dan at 15 years of age, 2nd Dan at 17 years and 3rd Dan at 21 years. I have travelled the world with Judo and achieved so much. Its not easy, but the rewards are amazing. I have continued with Judo because it's part of my life, the enjoyment of teaching, training and competing is hard to explain other than addictive. I've coached at all levels for the last 17 years back in the United Kingdom whilst actively training and competing at a National level and International level

I have won many titles ranging from Regional, National, European, International at both Junior and Senior levels, just prior to leaving the UK I won the British Masters Heavy weight title.

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Training every Tuesday din line with school terms during school terms

Sessions from 7pm