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Judo throughout the world is generally practiced using the original Japanese names for techniques, tournament referee signals, practice methods, forms of etiquette, and other terms.

Japanese Judo Terminology

Dojo - Judo Hall

Hidari - Left

Migi - Right

Judo - Gentle Way

Judogi - Judo suit

Judoka - One who practices Judo

Ne Waza - Ground Work

Osae komi - Hold down

Professor Jigoro Kano - Founder of Judo in 1882, Tokyo, Japan

Randori - Free practice (Fight)

Rei - Bow

Sensei - Teacher

Tatami - Judo mats

Tori - The thrower

Uke - The defender

Uchi komi - Repetitive exercises

Ukemi - Breakfalls

Hajime - Begin

Ippon - 10 point win

Matte - Stop

Shido - Penalty in contest

Sono mama - FREEZE! Do not move, stay as you are

Toketa - Hold broken

Waza ari - 7 point score

Yoshi - Unfreeze or continue

Yuko - 5 point score